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Support Policy

We are committed to provide after-sale support for our products. We have dedicated support staff to help you to solve any template related issues in timely and efficient manner.

Our support portal

We only provide template support via our support forum. Any support requests received via ThemeForest User Profile, email, Twitter or FaceBook will be referred back to our support forum. To register on our support forum, you need to create an account and provide the Item Purchase Code that you can find on License certificate once you've purchased the template.


Before contacting us for support:

  • Study the template documentation.
  • When asking for support, provide your Joomla site URL and admin credentials via the secure form in the forum post. This will helps us assist you resolve the problem in faster.
  • We will not take any responsibility for damages caused by crucial information leaks. So we highly recommend you to create a temporary Joomla super user account and ensure you disable that account after the issue has been resolved.

Support Hours

We provide support only from 8:00 am - 5:00 pm (GMT +3) on business days (Monday to Friday), in the order they were received. Support over weekends (Saturday and Sunday) is limited or at least, not available until the next business day. Please note that most of the support threads are handled within 24-48 hours, but seldom (in complicated issues which require more time) you may have to wait between 2 business days to a week for our response while we investigate.

Extent of our Support

We only provide support for our templates (unique functions and features beyond Joomla!), and cannot provide general support on Joomla or third-party extensions. Additionally, we may strive to provide issues emanating from the template Warp Framework.

We understand that there is a fine line between what is considered to be support and customization. Though we will try to help you with any type of requests (including customization that requires only a couple lines of code changing), you must understand that we cannot provide extensive help in terms of modifications.

Moreover, technical support will always take priority over modification/customization requests.

What We don't cover in our Support

  • Joomla general support/howto’s (please, use Joomla forums for that);
  • new features implementation and extending themes functionality;
  • Template modifications and customization
  • Complex individual server-side issues
  • Third-party extensions and any other things that are not related to our products directly
  • web-sites with “adults only” content
  • web-sites with any information, which undermines human dignity.

Support Abuse

We have always provided timely, efficient and free Premium Class Customer Support. But it is clear that some people abuse this service. Please remember, we are not obliged to do it! Put time and thought into what you would like to inquire and do not ask every question that comes to mind without trying to find the answer.

Please do not request for complex customization. You can consider hiring a freelancer instead.

Remember, we do our best to help! So, please, do not offence or threaten our staff if we are not able to provide modifications you are requesting. Such actions will lead to immediate and permanent ban of your account in our support forum.


Please do not forget that all our products and services are provided “as is” without warranties of any kind, including but not limited to implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose.

Refer to Envato Legal Terms for more details


Refund claims can be satisfied only if the Product is not as described, or is broken or is corrupt. The deadline for a Buyer making any refund claim is 30 calendar days after purchase and this claim must be made to Envato Support

Please note that Envato will verify the validity of the claim before a refund is approved. Refer to Envato Refund Terms and Conditions.

Privacy Policy

We store your personal information like (including but not limited) your name, email address, IP address, ThemeForest username and Purchase code; collected during processing of support requests safely and confidentially. And the only reasons we can expose it to third-party organizations or individuals are protecting our copyrights, intellectual property, safety, dignity, good name and business reputation. We have the right to immediately terminate any account that is involved in any suspicious activity.

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